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The town of Morella is awarded as a historical-artistic site, located about 1000 m above the sea and about 100 km from Oropesa del Mar.

It has remains of an Iberian settlement, with cave paintings from the end of the Paleolithic period. Morella with more than 8 km of wall with 15 towers and 5 doors. Its important castle lodged between other famous personages to the Prince of Viana and the Cid Campeador, that won here in 1084 to the King Sancho Ramírez de Aragón.

Its archpriest Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is a national monument, of Gothic style, built between 1255 and 1317, its choir is considered unique in the world. Also, his Royal Convent of San Francisco is a national monument, in which Pope Luna stayed in the year 1414.



Tourist Info Morella: 964 173 032

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