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The prehistoric paintings

In the Valencian community the most important finds of these cave paintings are found in the Maestrazgo, represented by the Vallorga ravine (Trig), Morella la Vieja and the Cova Remigia (Ares del Maestre).

The Barranco de la Gasulla:

The prehistoric paintings of Ares del Maestre were declared by the UNESCO world heritage site, along with the rest of the Levantine rock art. La Cova Remigia and other coats of the ravine of Gasulla that have on their walls rock paintings can be visited accompanied by a guide. In the Montalbana Masía the visits are organized; ask in the bar of La Montalbana, next to the CV-15 (in the section that joins Abocàsser with Ares del Maestre), just where it joins the ravine of Gasulla with the Rambla Carbonera.

The paintings of the Gasulla ravine include hunting scenes representing men with bows, hispanic wild boars, wild bulls, deer, etc.

For more information and visits: 964 762 186

The Valltorta Ravine:

Declared Historic Artistic Monument and Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco. The coats with paintings in this ravine are distributed by the municipalities of Cuevas de Vinromá, Albocacer and Tírig with the caves "dels Civils" and "dels Cavalls" and the museum of the Valltorta with the reproductions of the cave paintings.

For more information: www.valltorta.es

Museum of the Valltorta: 964 336 010

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