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Bird’s-eye view of Oropesa

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Route Info.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 9.86 km
  • Approximate duration: 2 hours and 50 min.


The route begins at the roundabout on the way into the town as you enter via the N-340 dual carriageway, next to the petrol station.

From there, take Avenida Benicàssim, then take the first right and, after walking for about 100 m, turn left just before the bridge.

When you come to a crossroads, take the path to the right. After about 100 m, turn left once again. At this point, the trail returns to the gully last seen in the pine wood. Cross the gully, which is normally dry, to the other side where there is a tunnel. This tunnel crosses under the AP-7 (it is not advisable to take this tunnel when rainy).

Once at the other side, you will see the entrance to a go-kart racing track on your right.

When you get to the intersection, turn right and continue along the trail for about 300 m until you get to a fork in the path. Take the path on the right, until you get to the N-340 dual carriageway. To safely cross the N-340, walk down the right-hand side of the gully to pass under the road; at this point you are now in the foothills of the Sierra de Orpesa.

After exiting the tunnel, take the road to your left. From this point onwards, the gully will lie to your left, and as you ascend, it will become increasingly steep.

Continuing upwards, you will eventually find that the trail rises above the hills, which are now behind you. At this point you will see the blue horizon of the sea. If the day is clear, you will be able to make out the silhouette of Las Columbretes archipelago. These volcanic islands are located about 35 km from the coast. The last leg of the route is a little more challenging owing to the steepness of the path, especially on hot days. 

When you get to Jovellús well, which is surrounded by a number of farm houses, continue westward along the trail and you will soon come to crossroads. From this point you will be able to see the Plana de Castellón at your feet. In the foreground you will see the towns of Benicàssim and Las Villas, while in the distance you will see the city of Castellón and its port, known as El Grao. The trail that descends to our left (the RAL-3) goes to Benicàssim . This is a good option for those who want to return to the coast. The trail on the right  leads back to another fork, after a distance of 50 m. On the left you will soon pass another trail called La Vereda de la Mollonada (from here you can also take the RAL-4trail, which leads to the Camino de Cabanes) which runs through the Montes del Señor mountains and finally arrives the television antenna. Behind you is a spectacular view of Las Agujas de Santa Águedamountain range.

As you approach the television mast, you will come to the start of the R-2trail; but you should continue instead to the solar panels where you will enjoy a spectacular view before returning to the R-2.


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