Oropesa del Mar Oropesa del Mar Oropesa del Mar

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The Cliffs and the Viewpoint

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Route Info.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 6.1 km.
  • Approximate duration: 2 hours and 30 min.


Begin at the starting point of the Coastal Greenway.  Walk for 1 km and a few metres before the tunnelentrance, you will see a sign on your left indicating the route you are about to take.  Although this route isn't overly difficult, it is important to pay attention to the signs  and ensure that you pace yourself so that you'll have some energy left to tackle some of the more challenging ascents.

This route forks off after 100 m. The trail to the right  is an alternate route which leads directly to the viewpoint (RAL-1)  and is approximately 430 m long and with an elevation gain of 81 m. However, here you must take the trail on the left. This is a scenic route where the sea and the rocky faces of the cliffstake centre stage.

White and purple markers painted on rocks and tree trunks along the path will indicate the correct route . After approximately 2 km, you will arrive at the other side of the Coastal Greenway tunnel, at its exit, before crossing the Coastal Greenway.

At this point our trail heads upwards. Pay attention to the painted trail markers, as there are areas where the trail becomes less clear and runs  between large rocks. After the ascent and upon arrival at theviewpoint, take a breather and enjoy the  fantastic view from this privileged spot.

If you would like to turn back to the starting point, you can take the alternative route (RAL-1) which will take you directly back to  to the initial fork located near the Coastal Greenway tunnel entrance. If you would like to follow the main  route, cross the road at the Viewpoint in the direction of the antenna, along another path that you will see straight away .

Once you pass the antenna, you will see a small wood where the route turns right; there you will see a sign indicating a fork. Take the path to the left  and descend until you get to an olive grove. Turn right onto a  new path, and follow this new path until you get to the road to the El Balcó urbanisation, which you enter  along Calle Benicàssim.

Taking this road, you will arrive at point where it is crossed by another road, also Calle Benicàssim.  To your right, where it ends in a track, it will take you back to the antenna and from there, to theViewpoint.

About 30 metres beyond the observation point, along the Oropesa de Mar road,  you will see some white and violet markers as well as a wooden sign just off the  road, on the trail itself. Descending quite rapidly, the trail will cross  a fire-break. As you cross it, head left to regain the trail  which runs parallel to the fire-break until it nears the Marina.

Take the path underneath  the new train tracks. Do not cross under the Coastal Greenway bridge – instead, climb up its right side to the  top. Once on the Coastal Greenway trail, it's time to head back towards the starting point.


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