Oropesa del Mar Oropesa del Mar Oropesa del Mar

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Straight to the Viewpoint

Straight to the Viewpoint

Back Forwards
Route Info.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 0.43 km
  • Approximate duration: 15 minutes


This is an alternative route which takes you directly to the Viewpoint starting from the first fork on the R-3route.

From here, if you have decided to take the direct route which starts on the right-hand side, you will soon find yourself climbing uphill from a height of 30 metres to 110 metres above sea level – an 80-metre climb – in just 500 m of trail. Fortunately for hikers, this trail runs through a shady pine forest.

Once you arrive at the Viewpoint, you can take Route R-3 upwards to the surveillance antenna or back down to the Marina.


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