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Enjoy Oropesa's towers

Visit the Tower of the King and the Tower of the Corda

25 enero 2017

During September to June the doors of Oropesa's towers of the Sea remain opened everything that one that wants to discover these fascinating strengths(fortresses).

The Tower The Corda, a fabulous example of tower watchtower of the 16th century, raises to scanty 2 kilometres of the Beach of La Concha. To her(it) one accedes for the Green Route, for what the visit to the tower is a good point of observation in this marvellous walk along the cliffs of the coast of Oropesa del Mar.

The Tower of the King, much more robust and majestic that the previous one, shows to the visitor the hardiness of a tower of defense that has remained almost intact to the step of his 600 years of existence. In addition, for his strategic position, there offers one of the best panoramic ones of Castellón's coast.

The inscription is free and is realized in the offices of tourism, so much of form presencial as(like) for telephone:


Direction(Address): Paseo de la Concha, s/n (Plza París)
Telephone: 964 31 23 20


Direction(Address): C/Moscatell, s/n (Marina D'Or)
Telephone: 964 31 41 34