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Coastal Green Way

Coastal Green Way

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The Green Way of the Sea runs between the towns of Oropesa del Mary Benicàssim, along the old railway line that used to run along the coast of both towns. With a length of almost 6 kilometres (5.5 km in the municipality of Oropesa), it is suitable for both cyclists and pedestrians (also for people with reduced mobility), as it has a paved road surface and parts with compacted gravel.

It can be accessed from Oropesa del Mar along Calle Tramontana, in La Concha Beach; and from Benicàssim, along street El Palassiet, next to Voramar Beach (Benicàssim). By public transport you can get there by the Castellón-Oropesa-Castellón bus line, stopping at La Concha Beach (about 500 metres from the access to the road) and at the Les Platgetes urbanisation (1 km from the start in Benicàssim).

It passes through natural areas of great environmental value, such as the natural surroundings of Monte Bovalar (with its native vegetation and Mediterranean pines), the coves and rocky bottoms of La Renegà Beach or the surroundings of Les Patgetes de Bellver. During the route it is possible to rest in recreational areas such as El Bovalar, with benches and bicycle parking. During the route it is also possible to contemplate the cultural heritage of Oropesa, Assets of Cultural Interest such as the Iberian village of Orpesa la Vella or the watchtowers of La Corda and La Colomera.

From Oropesa, the route starts at the rest area in Tramontana Street, perpendicular to the La Concha Beach Promenade. It begins with a panoramic view of La Concha Beach, Retor Cove, the town of Orpesa la Vella and the Marina. The metal bridge that crosses the entrance to the Marina is the prelude to the tunnel that, with its 600 metres, is the access to the Barranc de la Dona, through the Monte Bovalar. The track continues along the coast, with different rest areas and viewpoints. The Torre de la Corda welcomes us on the left, accessible through a small path. La Renegà unfolds at our feet at this point, with rocky coves and rugged coastal landscapes. An extensive viewpoint leads to a barricaded landscape that culminates with another balcony overlooking the sea and La Torre de la Colomera on a mound. A brick bridge and the native vegetation are the company to the end of the Oropesa boundary.

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