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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

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From Tourist Info Oropesa del Mar we are aware of the protectionof the environment so, to the best of our ability, we takeactions that allow us to minimize the environmental aspects derived fromour activity.We are gradually replacing the office lighting systemof tourism by energy-efficient lighting. In addition, a series ofgood environmental practices carried out by the office staff to make aresponsible use of energy (lighting and air conditioning system). Theseactions, has allowed us in the last 5 years (period from 2010and 2015) reduce energy consumption by 45%, which has meant a reduction25% of the economic cost of the invoice.In addition, good environmental practices are carried out aimed at reducingof paper consumption, printing only what is necessary and using the paperused for taking internal notes.The users of our offices also participate in our work ofreduction of paper consumption, selecting only that information thatneed, to facilitate this task, Tourist Info Orpesa del Mar has arranged variousmessages in the self-service area.On the other hand, the paper used for printing the brochures is 100%recycled or from sustainable forest management forests.Regarding our suppliers, Tourist Info Oropesa del Mar prioritizes thepurchase from suppliers that meet environmental standards andof quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, so that cleaning productsused are acquired from certified companies.

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