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Path of the "Camí de la Serra" and Variant of the "Barranc del Diable"

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Technical Data Sheet

Difficulty: Medium-High

Distance: 18.20 km

Approximate duration: 5 hours.

Type of silk: Small tour, (PR)

Marks: White / Yellow


Technical data sheet

Difficulty: Medium-High

Distance:2.40 km (only the ravine)

Approximate duration: 1 hour and 30 min.

Type of silk: Small route, (PR) (Variant)

Marks: White / Yellow

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Please note that once you are at the top of the Barranc del Diable route, you must link up with the Camí de la Serra route to return to your starting point.
It should be noted that the entire network of trails is indicated by the corresponding pallets where the direction and estimated time of arrival at the next point is indicated.
Information from the website: https://www.oropesadelmardeportes.com/

More information:
Department of Sports
964 310 100 (ext. 1131)


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