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Serra d'Espadà Natural Park

Serra d'Espadà Natural Park

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The Serra d'Espadà Natural Park, declared on 29 September 1998, is the second largest protected area in the Valencian Community, with 31,180 hectares.

In this mountain range we find one of the few outcrops of red sandstone in the Valencian territory, which forms an abrupt and winding landscape, made up of ridges and cliffs accompanied by deep ravines and branches, where we can find many deep and leafy forests of sureres, unique to our geography.

These characteristics give them an exceptional landscape value, with a rich botany and exceptional fauna, which are highlighted by the great number of endemisms and singularities of the territory.

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Located in the heart of the Serra Natural Park *Espadá, 495 m. above sea level, at the foot of the Pic *Espadá (1099 m.), Aín is a village collector with 122 inhabitants, which preserves all the flavour of the mountain villages.It is located in a warm foia, where xicotetes, fruit trees and vegetables are grown. Wrapped in sinuous and steep pine woods, with a rich and thick forest of sureres and pines. It offers a beautiful and charming landscape that invites the visitor to discover it, taste it and enjoy it intensely.The climate is warm, mild and *subhumid throughout most of the year, but it is certain that during the months of December and generally can give quite low temperatures, sitting very easy to see the new mountains, and finally, in the same city. In short, Ain is a gift for the senses.The accident of its location, on the surrounding slopes of Pic Espadá, has shaped its peculiar urban identity, which still preserves the simple rural life, with steep and narrow streets of Moorish ascent, where sun and men play at the whiteness of the houses.

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