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Back Forwards

The first remains left by humans around Orpesa and Oropesa del Mar, found at Cau d’En Borrás, date as far back as the Stone Age. However, the first records don't appear until the Roman period, with their literature making references to large groups of Iberians on the Mediterranean coast. Indeed, archaeological remains of this culture were discovered in so-called Orpesa la Vella (Old Orpesa).

In 1103, references to the place appeared in the conquests of the mercenary hordes of the Almoravids. In 1233, James I the Conqueror, King of Aragon, managed to definitively recover the settlement, which shortly afterwards was given by Ramón Berenguer, Count of Barcelona, to the Hospitaller Order of Saint John. The town later passed to various aristocratic families, notably the Jafferos, theThous and the Cervellóns.

However, today's Oropesa del Mar is the successor of a town that arose with the Municipal Charter of 1589, after an abandoned site was repopulated with 24 families. The appearance of various diseases and epidemics, as well as the harsh consequences of wars, caused serious problems for the town during a large part of its history. For that reason, it wasn't until the 20th century that Oropesa del Mar began to grow, particularly from the second half of the century, thanks to the invaluable help of tourism, which provided the town with a strong and decisive economic boost and led to the prosperity it enjoys today.



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