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Black Olives

Black Olives

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  • Black olives.
  • Lemon.
  • Olive oil.
  • A small jet of vinegar.
  • 3 or 4 leaves of lemon tree.
  • Salt.


(1st formula)
The ripe, black olives are chosen and left to dry on a cane or other aerated place.
Once the olives are dry, they are cleaned by running them under running water and blanching them for two hours (they should not be boiled).
Once scalded they are removed and dried well, putting them in a bowl or clay pot with some pieces of lemon, a good splash of olive oil, a small splash of vinegar and salt. From this moment on you can eat them.

(2nd formula)
The ripe and black olives are chosen, cut with a knife and placed in an earthenware bowl with water, salt and three or four lemon leaves.
They are left to rest for several days or until they are good to eat.

TIP: to know the amount of salt that should be put to the olives of the 2nd formula, it is recommended to put water, an egg and salt in a bowl. When the egg rises to the surface, the point of salt is adequate.
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