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    The CALA DEL RETOR has become the first smoke-free beach in the Valencian Community. The objective of this initiative is the promotion of healthy habits and the promotion of the environment, and therefore it is informative and not punitive.

    This beach is protected by the hill on which are located the vestiges of what used to be the Iberian village, Orpesa la Vella, and the modern marina.

    It is a small cove, 70 meters long and 45 meters wide, with fine sands, calm and shallow waters and low occupancy.


    • Length: 70 m.
    • Average width: 45 m.
    • Occupancy: medium/low.
    • Type of urbanization: semi-urban.
    • Promenade: yes
    • Type of sand: fine and golden.
    • Type of water: no swell and shallow.
    • Bathing conditions: excellent.


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    CALA ORPESA LA VELLA is the second smoke-free beach in Oropesa del Mar. The aim of this initiative is the promotion of healthy habits and the promotion of the environment, so it has an informative and not sanctioning character.

    This is a small cove, practically the southern extension of Playa de la Concha, separated from it by a small rocky outcrop that gives it the charm of a certain natural privacy and closed to the south by the hill of Orpesa la Vella.

    It has a length of 120 metres, an average width of 50 metres, and is semi-urban in nature, with fine golden sand.

    In this cove you will find the first water swing in Spain.


    • Length: 120 m.
    • Average width: 50 m.
    • Level of occupation: medium/low.
    • Type of development: semi-urban.
    • Seafront promenade: yes
    • Type of sand: fine golden sand.
    • Type of water: no waves and shallow.
    • Bathing conditions: excellent


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