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Our cuisine

Prawn,  mussels,  date mussels and lobster are just a few of the many types of seafood and shellfish that are typical to the area. Although special mention should also be made of the succulent king prawn from Vinarós, famous the world over. Other products worthy of mention are our sardinesgilt-head breamsole and octopus, which you can try either on its own or as part of delicious dishes such as "suquet de peix" (seafood stew) and "zarzuela" (fish and seafood stew).

Not limited to products from the sea, the area also boasts a wide variety of animal products from the interior, such as rabbit, chicken and pork, which are used in the preparation of delectable dishes and cured meats, as well as the popular "tombet" (tomato and vegetable stew). In addition, Oropesa del Mar and its surrounding region are also famous for their array of rice dishes, including paella"arroz negro" (rice cooked in squid ink)risotto"arroz a banda" (rice in fish stock)oven-baked riceand lastly, "arrosejat" (browned rice with shellfish), a traditional rice dish first created by fishermen which is delicious and easy to prepare. We should also mention the famous "fideuá" (noodles with seafood), and "caragolada", a great delicacy made from marinated snails cooked served with a spicy dressing or alioli.

Finally there are products such as the sweet potato, curd cheese, walnuts and candied squash which lends a characteristic flavour to all of our traditional desserts, including "oropesina", an irresistible dessert made from almonds that will delight any palate.

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